Our Story

Our Story

PAVACHI Luxury Store is born of an almost divine inspiration and a discovery that struck its founders

In joining the crowd, they discover the purpose of the collective attention. It's just a "Paon specifère", one of the three main species of peacock, which is already known as extinct.
A sign was explaining that this peacock is one of the last of his type, existing in the world. His majesty, the beauty and the brilliance of its plumage can easily explained, all the myths and the admiration he inspires. This one was showing off as if to show his high rank. He exposed a festival of colors whose artistic arrangement evokes a divine work. This festival of colors is reminiscent of many eyes that hypnotize whoever would look at it. Is this really the eyes of Argos, faithful guardian, immortalized by goddess hera, according to Greek mythology? One thing is certain, front of this show, general wonder was clearly reading on every face present.
This was the trigger that Zuzana and Hussein were waiting for.
It is this emotion that causes by the creations of the greatest names in the world of luxury. It is rightly that the luxury concept store, that they are importing in Africa will be called PAVACHI Luxury Store in homage to the majesty of the peacock named Pav in Slovak.
The project was already well advanced with the presentation of luxury Nialaya's accessories, now it is strengthened with this sign which worthily represents the magic of luxury brands it offers.

PAVACHI Luxury Store is a luxury fashion concept store offering the most luxury fashion brands in collaboration with fashion brand’s show-rooms in Milano, Italy and multi-brand fashion stores in Italy. All articles are 100% original. We provide free worldwide express shipping.

In a corner of the park they encounter a crowd that arouses curiosity when we know that in the final period of winter, tourists are still few in the Park.


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